How the clothes you wear affect your mood

How the clothes you wear affect your mood

How the clothes you wear affect your mood

The colors are full of sensations and feelings, and they can influence both you and others. Colors can make your attitude more positive or negative, and even attract others or make them get away from you. You can provoke emotions that go from confidence to jealousy through the clothes you wear.

These are some of the colors that we usually wear and the emotions that can cause:

Black: It is the color of authority, power and drama. It is usually used to achieve a visual slimming effect.

White: It reflects purity, chastity, and neatness. It is widely used by everyone on a variety of occasions because it sticks with everything.

Blue: It gives the feeling of tranquility, authority, trust and loyalty.

Brown: Transmits stability. Like beige and cinnamon, brown is a relaxing earth color. This feeling helps to reduce stress.

Gray: It symbolizes neutrality and sophistication.

Red: Transmits heat, danger, power, passion and strength. 

Orange: The people who use it give the feeling of having a strong and high self-esteem.

Yellow: It transmits from joy and hope to caution, decadence and jealousy.

Green: It transmits success, health and safety. .

Purple: It symbolizes loyalty, wealth, power and sensitivity. It is also the color of passion and love.

Pink: It can inspire a great variety of emotions, from fun and excitement (hot pink) to relaxation and lack of energy (pale pink).

Mood is not only influenced by colors. Clothes are also filled with memories, both good and bad. 

Sometimes you wake up in a good mood and when you dress, your day is twisted. Without knowing why everything seems wrong and you get everything upside down.

Take the clothes that cause those feelings and think if you were wearing them when you went through a bad time that you have tried to forget. When you wear them, unconsciously you go back to those memories or bad experiences and even if you really love those clothes, a situation might have spoiled them in the past. Get rid of all those clothes and you will feel free: soon you will begin to completely forget about those bad memories that those clothes transmitted to you.

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